Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grey the Astronaut

So far this Halloween has been Grey's (and our) favorite! It all starts with the costume and this year we scored big when we found an amazing (and really reflective) spaceman suit. From there the ideas just kept flowing. Rocket booster's on his walker, a space shuttle, spray paint, stickers, paint. we were pumped... until we actually had to make the stuff. We both procrastinated until the last week before and with some help from grandma the basic shape of the space shuttle was formed...with cardboard and A LOT of duct tape. Soon it was primed, painted, detailed and fitted for his chair. Here it is right off the showroom floor.

So the next big thing was to cross our fingers and hope grey liked wearing his costume and having his rocket ship attached to his ride. Turns out he loved it!

Here he is getting ready to make his rounds.

Here he is showing off his rocket boosters.

Here he is with his cousins. Boy they sure helped him out and made sure he got all the candy he deserved. Thanks girls for going up to the house with all those steps!
Preparing for take off...

A proud astronaut mommy.
Lets do this daddy!
It took Grey approximately 1 house to figure out what trick or treatin was all about, and after that you couldn't stop the kid. "should we go to that house daddy?" "that house has candy daddy." "I want M&M's candy!" he loved it, and so did we.

heres i little clip of grey as an astronaut...

Hope everyone else had a happy halloween!

the gibbs'


Colleen said...

That is one awesome costume!

Cassie said...

So stinkin' cute!!

Our family said...

Love it and him!

krousehouse said...

I totally love that costume, including that really awesome astronaut get-up. The whole darn thing is so creative. Fabulous!

Sarah Hull said...

Well, for crying out loud! You know I can't take much, but this... I seriously can not handle! The cuteness is killing me!!! This is too great! So fun that he loved trick or treating!!

b.smith said...

awesome costume! i am so excited to make costumes for my kids someday. and grey is the sweetest. he is so blessed. you guys are awesome!

Jill said...


Shaun said...

Wow. So inspiring! That is one of the coolest costumes I have ever seen. :) GO GIBBLET!

Jill Hinkel said...

What an adorable little boy! I found your blog from the Spina Bifida Kids blog. I recently had a baby boy with spina bifida and would love to contact you sometime about if you wouldnt mind. My email is if you are able to write me back. Thanks so much and best wishes to you and your sweet little astronaut!~ Jill

Anonymous said...

Hello Leigh,

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