Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rough Riders

A few days ago I got a text from Emily asking if Grey and I were up for an adventure at the reply? OF COURSE!! Any day that Grey gets a chance to see Carson is the best day of his life. Seriously, he loves him. They started off on their bikes. They weren't really racing (that would be a pretty slow race) :) it just looks like it.

Then, they spotted a dog. Who knew that a dog could be so entertaining. They couldn't take their eyes off of that dog. So cute.

Not sure what they were chatting about here...
Grey taking a break from peddling.
He might be the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Seriously. I can't get enough of him.
Not sure what this contraption is, but they seemed to like it...for a minute anyway. :)
This is what Grey is constantly doing when Carson is around. He either has to be taking his glasses off of him or petting his hair. He is obsessed with Carson. Poor Carson.
Here is the petting. I'm not making this up.
Impossible to get them both looking up and smiling at the same time, this was as good as I could get. :) Maybe next time. :)
I feel so unbelievably blessed to have Carson and his parents in our lives. God is so good, he knew just what we needed. :)

Hope this finds you all enjoying your fall!


The Dugan's said...

They are too freakin' cute!! Two lucky little guys to have each other :)

Fruzsi said...

They are so cute, and happy boys!!!:)

Sarah Hull said...

Two little dolls!! Those bike pictures are priceless!!

Colleen said...

This is ridiculously adorable.

Aurora Flores said...

They are just absolutely adorable! I've been following Grey since I was pregnant with my daughter, and I must tell you, he's such an inspiration. Thank you

The Carreras Journey said...

Hey Leigh, its been awhile since I read your blog, but I just wanted to say, Grayson is beautiful and he looks so handsome! I was wondering how old he is now, where you got those hand powered bikes and if Grayson was using braces to stand? That so amazing! Your family is beyond beautiful!

Amanda said...

Love the pictures! It must be so nice to have Carson live near you guys!
You know I went through the whole thing and didn't notice that it was a hand powered bike. They look great! And the boys are so adorable!

Meinhardt Family said...

Great pictures. I'm with you, "I can't get enough of that kid either". He's so darn adorable. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have such a beautiful family to be thankful for.