Sunday, August 8, 2010

Favorite Things...

It's time to lighten the mood around here, and what better way to do that then pictures!! :) I thought that I would go over a few of Grey's favorite no particular order...

Being thrown in the air. It doesn't matter what is going on, if he is crying about something he instantly forgets all about it with just a slight toss in the air. He loves it!

Folding his hands together. I'm not sure why, but lately this kid has been folding his hands every chance he gets. Maybe he is trying to show off his sitting skills (look ma, no hands!) I'm not sure, but it's pretty darn cute!
Riding the bike with daddy...hahahaha! Yeah right! Take a look at the expression on his face! He is NOT a fan of the bike. I think that the helmet has a lot to do with his dislike of the bike...sorry kid, the helmet is a must! :) We made it to the park tonight without too much crying, although I pretty much had to ride RIGHT next to them talking about the park and the swings the whole time!
His car! He loves it! Even walking thru the garage to get to my car, he wants to stop and take a ride! He goes crazy with the steering wheel. I have a feeling that this guy is going to be a great driver one day!

Swimming! He is getting very brave and loves putting his face in. He is actually way to confident on those stairs and thinks that he can just do whatever he wants on them. He forgets that he doesn't actually know how to swim. :)

Carson! Whenever we will be somewhere with Carson I always say "You want to go see Carson?" and Grey laughs and laughs! He loves him. Loves petting his hair, loves taking off his glasses, loves to rest his head on Carson...I think that Carson is even starting to like Grey too. :)

Ok, here is a video of Grey showing off his skills on the steps and also showing off some new words! Andy and I had no idea that he even said this until we were home watching the video. "Ready?...GO!"

Here is another video of Grey "jumping" in. We are so lucky that my parents have a pool, our summer would be so boring without it!

I also wanted to say thank you so much for all of the thoughts and support after that last post. You will all be happy to hear that we are all pros at cathing and it really is no big deal. It meant so much to us to have all of those supportive comments after such a tough week. This weekend has been great and we are so over last week! :)

Love to all,
Leigh, Andy and Grey


Meinhardt Family said...

Seriously are the cutest 1-year-old boy I know!!! I love the pic of him being thrown in the air. He just melts my heart. He is doing so awesome in the pool. Do you guys have an indoor pool near by that you can take him to in the winter? Nellie loves it as well. It's such a great thing for our kiddos.
Glad to hear cathing is going well and no big deal. I know you had a lot of stress leading up, but do you feel a bit of relief knowing you are emptying his bladder fully? I actually felt better cathing. I worried if I didn't she would have urine sitting in her bladder...which could lead to infections, blah, blah, blah. Anyhoo, glad it's going well. Give that little guy a kiss and hug from Chicago!

Liz Keicher said...

Isn't it crazy how sometimes even just a week or so makes everything seem a bit better? I'm glad to hear things are working out with the cathing. I remember the first month it was such a chore, but really it has become a seamless part of a diapering routine. We even named a giraffe that is on the changing table "Cathy Giraffy" and made up a song about cathing and "Cathy" (on some half- delusional 3 AM cath we had to do the first few months)

Grey looks like such a summer boy - that tan and that almost white hair! Clearly he's enjoying his summer and having a fantastic time :)

Joanna and David said...

Yay! Such fun pics. :) Jet and I are signing up for a "Mommy and Me" swim class this fall so that should be fun! Thanks for the smiles! Much love!

Amanda said...

Great Happy thoughts! There is nothing better than showing off your cute kid after such a hard week!
Ready, Go! What a smarty pants!!!

I'm so glad the cathing is going better - soon you will be the mom that says how quickly you adjust and it becomes second nature.

Lacy said...

Love to hear him talking! He's so adorable and seems to be ALL boy!

Blanca said...

GREY IS SUCH A CUTIE!!! You seriously are going to fight off the ladies when he grows up!! Hugs to you and your husband, I know about tough weeks. I can not wait to met all of the moms from the BBC one day!!!!

Holli (and Mark) said...

Its amazing how another little boy (yours) can make me almost as happy as watching my own. Grey is sooo darn cute and I feel like I celebrate his triumphs right along side with you. Love the "ready, go!!!" soooo cute. I keep saying he can't get any sweeter, but he keeps proving me wrong!! :)
so glad this week is going better, never had any doubts. you guys are amazing parents!!

Jill said...

There just aren't words for that amount of adorableness in one post!!

So happy to hear things are going better. :)

Scasmflops said...

Just got caught up and am in a mix of emotions of emotions... crying, smiling, praying. Love you, friend.

Coleman and Lauren said...

Isn't it crazy how things seem like such a huge deal... and then you find out they're really not? We've been praying for you guys so I'm so glad to hear you're feeling some peace about cathing. The pictures and videos are so freaking cute!