Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Colors Here, Colors There, Lots of Colors Everywhere!"

That's just grey playing his winnie the pooh piano. He loves it and we have all the songs fully en-grained in our heads. :) One of those tunes happens to be about colors, speaking of colors it's fall in Michigan and the colors are pretty incredible. We took advantage and had a little Fall Photo shoot this past weekend. Here's a few of our favorites.

Just standing in our driveway is pretty amazing.

Grey being grey.

This family shot pretty much sums up our family! love it!

"uh dad...what you lookin at"

love the Gibbs'


amberWIRE said...

The one of Grey looking at Andy is hilarious! You guys are awesome! Let's hang out.

Joanna and David said...

I love the fall pics! I have to admit I saw them on facebook a few weeks back and loved them then too so when I saw your post i was like "why does it feel like i was there or something?" oh yeah! lol. And the video of Grey spitting is so funny. That's one of Jet's favorite things too - boys - sigh. ;) What can ya do? He's getting so big sittin on his knees and playing! You guys are still such an adorable family. Happy Fall!

Lacy said...

Great pictures!

Summers Family said...

Beautiful pictures! We don't get colors like that here in California. Hope you guys are doing well.


Meinhardt Family said...

Oh, I just love the new photos! Don't you love taking pictures in the fall? It's gorgeous. Grey seems to just get cuter and cuter!

Lisa said...

what adorable pictures!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

I am very behind on your blog. My daughter had surgery...then our computer crashed for about 6 weeks so please bear with me as I try to get caught up on the Gibbs happenings.

I had to comment on the Pooh piano and the fact that the songs were etched in your brains. I remember when Early Intervention started coming and she knew every song to every toy she had. I thought she was CRAZY!! Now, I am the same way...CRAZY!!