Friday, May 15, 2009

SB clinic...

Today we had our first spina bifida clinic. For those of you aren't familiar with this, this is somewhere that you go and get all of your appointments done at once. You see the neurosurgeon, orthopedic doctor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, dietitian, and a pediatrician who is also a rehabilitation doctor. Our clinic doesn't have a urologist as of right now, but they hope to have that as well within the year. you can imagine this makes for a veeeeeeerrrrryyyyy long day!!! We knew that it was going to be long but had NO idea that we would be there for 4.5 hours. I would almost just rather go to all of these doctors separately, rather than stay in a little room waiting for that long. Anyway...Greyson was a champ and did amazing! He showed off to all of the people that he saw and they all seemed to be very impressed with his head control, tracking of objects, and his overall happy and laid back personality. We met with a new orthopedic doctor and liked her very much. She really believes that Greyson will be able to walk one day, with the aid of braces and perhaps a walker/crutches. This was very encouraging for us to hear. Part of me was a bit terrified for this appointment, with the limited movement that Grey has in his legs, we sometimes get ahead of ourselves and wonder if it will be possible for him to walk. But, these doctors have seen many cases similar, or worse, then Greyson's and they know what they are talking about. :) With every appointment that we go to, the fear of spina bifida gets smaller and smaller. We know that we can handle whatever we are told at these appointments, but news like this always makes us feel good!

Well, Greyson continues to get bigger and cuter every day, and every day we are amazed at how blessed we are to have him. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers for Grey and our family, they mean so much to us! Here are a few more pics of the little with his new boots (AFO's) :)

I hope this finds you all healthy and happy!
Leigh (Andy and Grey)


Nate and Emily said...

I love that picture of hime watching his hand, so adorable! I'm glad the clinic went well for you guys!

Sarah Hull said...

Those little AFO's are melting my heart right now! Greyson is such a doll!
I love how you said that your fear of SB just gets less and less. It's so true.
For us, clinic used to be a bit of a scary time, but now we just pack up for an afternoon of fun at the hospital and Katie loves it (probably because of all the attention she gets)!
It's such a blessing when you trust and love your doctors... especially the Orthopedic ones. Glad to hear that she is positive about Greyson's abilities. FYI, Katie had hardly any movement in her legs (and none in her feet) the first few months. But with therapy they just become stronger with time. It's amazing to see what these little ones can do! Greyson will just continue to surprise you.
You guys are awesome parents and Greyson is one lucky little boy!